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To be globally recognised in the energy sector as an independent, world-class provider of innovative, solid technologies and reliable and safe services.

Lew Wong

Lew Wong worked for KNOC and has a Masters in Energy Resources Engineering.He is currently the Chairman/CEO of Lew Wong Consults Ltd and has held a number of senior roles in the organisation.



Lex Wong Consults Limited Architectural will employ and develop the best people in order to provide innovative, solid and cost-effective solutions in all areas of its business, ensuring steady growth, financial stability and a challenging work environment. A pro-active, responsible approach to safety and environmental care is a prerequisite.

We have the capability to manufacture and install large and complex, low and high-pressure fabricated piping systems using both standard and exotic materials. We can support projects with pipework requirements of up to 50,000 metres.

Our Business Model


Lex Wong Consults Limited Architectural aims to increase net asset value by developing high quality projects.


We seek to increase our reserve and resource base through either acquisition or exploration activity depending upon prevailing market conditions


Building 17-kilometre dry gas pipeline (Chinarevskoye field to the junction point with the pipeline in Orenburg); Power generation station;


Building Commercial production of Gas Treatment Facility (GTF) products (stabilised condensate, LPG and dry gas)


Building 120-kilometer crude oil and stabilised condensate pipeline (Chinarevskoye field to the rail terminal in Rostoshi, near Uralsk)


To be the best, we need to work with the best.

Working at Lex Wong Consults Limited Like any business, we’re only as good as our people. To be the best, we need to work with the best. From positions in operations, maintenance, engineering, economics planning and scheduling and our commercial and support functions, we can provide challenging and fulfilling careers at Lex Wong Consults Limited

EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS Are you looking for a role in a challenging environment, where safety is critical? Perhaps you’ve been working internationally and are seeking a return to the Russia, Netherlands or looking to relocate to the North West of US. Join us today and send your cv to